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Beautiful and scenic trip, where you will see a natural stone arch way eroded through many years of sea and weather.
As we leave Kirkibost pier, we pass under the Bernera Bridge – one of the few Bridges that cross the Atlantic Ocean. 

As we make our way past the natural arch we enter the Blue Lagoon with its sandy beaches and historic lobster keeps – on a nice day it is perfect for a refreshing dip!  We then leave the Blue Lagoon and pass Cliff Beach and arrive at the magnificent cliffs of Gallan Head – the most North Westerly point of the British Isles.

From Gallan Head onwards to the famous “Old Hill” which is 90 meters high.  In the winter the sea can break over the top of the Old Hill which is truly breath-taking.  When passing the Old Hill you will see Stack Na Mallag on the west side, finally iinbound for East Loch Roag and back to base.

Through the trip you will be given details of your whereabouts and even come across some fantastic wildlife, you will also be informed of the history surrounding you.

Join us on our most exciting trip yet – not for the faint – hearted is our “Butt of Lewis Adventure” Leaving from Kirkibost Pier in Great Bernera, we set off by heading north towards the Butt of Lewis with regular stops to see the fantastic wildlife and sensational scenery. 

The Butt of Lewis is the most northerly point of the Western Isles and even has a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for being the wildest place in the UK.  As you look west from this point there is nothing apart from the wide Atlantic between you and America and if you look north there is nothing between you and the Artic (please wear warm clothes for this trip).

The Cliffs and Stacks at the Butt are sensational and home to many sea birds and other wildlife, you will also see the famous Butt of Lewis Lighthouse, which stands at 121 feet high and was built between 1859 and 1862 by David and Thomas Stevenson.  Should you wish we can go to Port Sloth, the beach just southeast of the Butt of Lewis.

No doubt you will be hungry after this, so we will provide a complimentary picnic lunch for you on board, before setting back to Great Bernera.

A cluster of islands that lie 20 Miles North West of Gallan Head, the principal one being "Eilean Mor". There are two possible landing places to the east and west for yachts/boats visiting Eilean Mòr, although this can be hazardous given the regular heavy swells. 

The isles provide nesting for a population of seabirds, including  Atlantic Puffins, Northern Fulmars, European Storm-petrels, Leach's Petrels, Common Shag and Black-legged Kittiwakes. 

The islands are of course famous for the disappearance of the lighthouse keepers in December 1900. This much pondered on and discussed mystery makes sure that the very mention of the islands name is one to start the story telling!

"THOUGH three men dwell on Flannan Isle
To keep the lamp alight,
As we steered under the lee, we caught
No glimmer through the night."

A passing ship at dawn had brought
The news; and quickly we set sail,
To find out what strange thing might ail
The keepers of the deep-sea light.

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878-1962)

An exciting way to explore the surrounding Islands of Great Bernera such as, Floday, The Old Hill, Berasay, Campay (where you will see holes eroded through the Island known as the ‘black eyes’ of Campay), Loch Risay Lobster Pond and the Norse Mil.

We will also call at Bostadh where you can visit the Iron Age House and see the newly installed Time and Tide Bell.

We then call at the famous Island of Little Bernera and have a picnic lunch and explore the Island, the Queen has even had a picnic lunch on Little Bernera

On this trip we leave the Kirkibost pier and head towards the Bernera bridge and pass by Pabay and the Blue Lagoon, then over towards Gallan Head where you will see hugh stacks and stunning cliffs, full of sea birds nesting in the cliffs, we then head south to the islands off Branish and Eilean Mealasta with it’s beautiful convex sandy beach, then on to the north end of Scarp. 

Here we stop and see the Sea Eagles nesting in the cliffs, then south to the village in Scarp where it has been uninhabited since 1971 when the last 7 residents left.

The newly released film, Rocket Post, made famous by the German scientist Gerhard Zucher, where he attempted to develop a rocket which could ‘fire’ mail from Scarp to Harris was filmed here. (See video Trailer at the bottom...)

You can go ashore and look around this fascinating island and see the original village, we will have a picnic lunch on the island.  

Leaving the Isalnd of Scarp we head west out to Gasker Island situated about 5 miles west of Scarp where the Grey Seals go to have their pups and you will also see dolphins , basking sharks and the odd whale if we are lucky.  These islands are home to a variety of sea birds.

We then cruise north back towards Gallan Head, the Old Hill and Campay in East Loch Roag

Review of 'The Rocket Post'..

A fascinating footnote in British history is the starting point for The Rocket Post. In the 1930s, a German scientist called Gerhard Zucher attempted to revolutionize the postal service of the remote Outer Hebrides, speeding up delivery times by sending letters by rocket. It was a fanciful idea that (like his rockets) never quite took off; after a series of "vorsprung durch technik" experiments Zucher was eventually recalled to his homeland.

Shot in 2001 but delayed a release date for several years, The Rocket Post proves a disappointingly anodyne retelling of this historical curio. Danish actor Ulrich Thomsen stars as Zucher a passionate scientist whose arrival on the remote Isle of Scarp in the Outer Hebrides stirs local resentment and memories of the Great War. His scientific passion is quickly distracted by local lass Catherine (MacDonald), a crofter's daughter who falls deeply in love with him.....

A slow sail to Little Bernera, in our yacht  Shangri-La you will be able to test your sailing skills. Explore the Island and enjoy a picnic lunch on this beautiful Island.

Little Bernera is situated opposite the north end of Great Bernera. It is roughly 1 mile by half a mile. It was inhabited until the 1840's and the houses were all clustered around the 'tack house' on the southern shore.

It is a very beautiful island with long sandy beaches on the north side and a rocky southern shore.

The cemetery was used until the beginning of the 20th century, and there are many ancient graves there. Unfortunately erosion is taking its toll and parts are collapsing into the sea,it is becoming two separate islands as the narrowest part is constantly eroding and will eventually allow inundation by the sea.

It is very fertile and stock can be pastured there over winter. The grazing belongs to the villages of Breaclete and Hacklete

Have a family day out on Little Bernera or any island of your choice, we drop you off and pick you up.

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